A Guide to Hash Marks


A blob of flour indicates a trail. Three consecutive hash marks indicates true trail.


 Indicates that the trail may change direction at this point. Here hounds spread out and look for trail. From the check, true trail will begin again in about 100 yards in any direction. There also may be one or more false trails from the check.

 False Trail

 Three parallel lines across the trail indicate that the trail is false and the hounds should return to the last check to look for the true trail.

Hare Arrow


An arrow laid only by hares. A hare arrow always indicates true trail. Hounds may also mark arrows, but hound arrows lack the three hash marks on the shaft and may or may not indicate true trail.

 Beer Near
 Indicates that there's beer within 100 yards or so. When used to indicate a beer check, Front Running Bastards (FRBs) must wait until the Dead Fu*king Last (DFL) hound arrives before proceeding on trail. The beer check's purpose if twofold, to provide refreshment and to regroup the pack. When this mark is used in conjunction with "ON-IN" it indicates that the end of the trail is very near.

Trail Split

At this point the trail splits into a segment which is easy (turkey) and a segment which is difficult (eagle). The two segments will eventually rejoin somewhere before the trail ends or at the end itself.